What they're say about the program...
“I am so very pleased with the Rotary Dictionary Project. Thank you for helping our students.”
Dr. David Sawyer, Supt.,
Tulsa Public Schools

“The nameplate was such a great idea! They loved seeing their name imprinted on it, and with your club name also they will remember you for years to come.”
M. Phillips
Mitchell Elementary

“The Rotarians are doing more than their share in helping develop America’s future – our youth. 
Thank you.”
Kirby Lehman
Jenks School Supt.

“I only had 3 children out of 26 who had a dictionary at home. So the books not only reached the kids that needed them, but also their families.”
Angel Ambrosius
teacher, Carthage, MO

“I could tell you really cared for the children by the way you spoke to
each of them.”
Susan Anderson
Grimes Elementary

“Third graders are at the perfect age to have a dictionary of their own. In 2nd grade they are too young, and in 4th they have already started writing and forming habits not easily changed.”
Dan Scooby
Yeltsville, KS

“Can you imagine a 9-year old receiving his very first book? You might think that couldn’t happen in America. But it can and does, often, as Rotarians go about reaching children who have been ignored by most of the literacy safety nets.”
Don Wasson
Past District Governor

“Our students do not have books at home. Having their own dictionary will improve learning potential and I know the parents also appreciate your caring attitude as you personally handed each child their own copy.” 
C. Moore
Adams Elementary

“We appreciate the work you do in support of our educational efforts. When you come to the schools and share your leadership as businessmen, the children develop a better understanding of the world around them.”
Mrs. Crider
Principal, Mitchell Elementary